Friday, August 12, 2011

Letter of Good Conduct Malaysia (Step by Step Guide)

Assalamualaikum :) 

Earlier this morning, I went to Putrajaya to apply for the Certificate of Good Conduct. The objective of having one is to provide physical proof that you're a law-abiding citizen. It also enables foreign countries to accept you when you plan to further your studies or apply for a job at their country. This certificate is required by the university that I will enroll into this September. 

1. Filling up the Forms

Before you begin your journey to Wisma Putra for the application, I advise that you go to this website first and sign up (Link: Scroll down a little and click on "First time login? Click here". From there, you'd be able to navigate yourself in order to complete the forms. After finishing each page of the forms, make sure you click on "Next", don't click on "Save" yet. Click on "Save" if there's no more next! :P Hehe. Then you'd be navigated to a page where you can print out the forms.

Yes, I'm pretty sure you'd notice, at the last page, you'd need to upload your passport photo. It's not really necessary if you have photos that you can just paste on the forms. Please make sure that you print at least two (2) copies of the forms. Each of your passport-sized photos must be secured at the right-handside of your form. 

If you're not able to complete these at home, there's nothing to worry about. Wisma Putra allocates two computers at the lobby for applicants to use in order to fill in the forms. You can print the forms there too.

2. Documents to bring
- two (2) printed letter of good conduct forms
- two (2) passport-sized photos
- two (2) photostated copies of your IC [it's okay if there's no signature or whatsoever on it]
- two (2) photostated copies of your passport book [front and back pages]

3. Declaration (Akuan)

As I completed and printed my form at Wisma Putra, it is obvious that I hadn't make the declaration yet. For those who wish to complete everything from home, make sure you go to the office of any commissioner of oaths nearby (pesuruhjaya sumpah). 

For those who's in my situation, you can make the declaration at the Palace of Justice (simply: Istana Badan Kehakiman). It's at Presint 3. 

Prepare RM8.00 for the payment at the 3rd Floor (Kaunter Hasil). After making the payment, go to the 2nd Floor (Kaunter Pesuruhjaya Sumpah) to make the declaration. Then you're done.

4. Going to Wisma Putra (Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

The Certificate of Good Conduct can be applied for at Wisma Putra Putrajaya. (Address: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Malaysia Wisma Putra, No 1, Jalan Wisma Putra, Precint 2, 62602 PUTRAJAYA). Personally, the road to Wisma Putra's very confusing to me. Presint 2 is situated opposite of Presint 18. I'm not sure of what I can tell you to help you recognize that u'r at the right place, but when I went there, I saw a big white canopy at my left-handside. I followed the GPS directions on my phone to get there. You'd know that you're certainly heading to the right path if you seem to be going uphill (Wisma Putra's on a hill somewhere in that place) Hehe :P

*sorry i don't have the map* :P

5. Sending in your documents & Getting the Certificate

After completing everything, go to the counter at the lobby. The receptionist will check whether you have all the documents completed and she'd give you your number. 

Wait inside until your number turns up. When your number's up, you are required to hand in the documents. Once again, you'll have to wait for your number to be called. This time, it's for the payment AND collection. The payment's RM20.00. I did not have to wait long (I thought it would take one hour, just like when I applied for my passport) :P

So that's basically it! :) Good luck! :)