Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What Every Cent's Worth

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaack :D Haha. Does anyone notice I have been away for quite a long time? Hehe. A few days back, I have been checking my blog quite often but I didn't know what post to come up with. I have lots of stories to share and this is one of them.

I began working early June. I never had the experience of working, so this makes it my first time ever working. I'm very thankful until now that I was hired :D

My first week there was friggin scary. I could never forget scarring my finger at my left hand; that one was on the 2nd or 3rd day of work. At 1901 Hotdog, we steam the buns and sausages. I wasn't used to the art of taking out the steamed food from it yet, so my blur-ness led me to my almost-impossible-to-fade-away-scar. Beginning from that day, I became much more careful when I handle things *I am always very very careless* :P

Being a one-and-a-half-month employee there, I began to learn how to ACTUALLY become responsible. Working there requires employees to know how to handle the stall entirely; from unpacking stocks to understanding the cash register to recording daily sales. Before I applied for the job, I thought that the job was actually pretty easy, but it turned out the other way round *not entirely though; because it's still categorized as rather simple*.

There's responsibility in every second and every move. You wouldn't want the sausages to become over-cooked (because they'd get wrinkly like your skin when you sit in the shower too long), and you also wouldn't want the customers to stand there for over 15 minutes looking at you performing every single step of making hotdogs with their hands crossed, would you? Frankly speaking, I am still timid in some situations and being observed like that really does make me feel awkward. Time-wise, I don't really mind having to rush against the clock to get my job done, because I loooove challenges. I often race myself to the clock every night when it's closing time and succeeding the "challenge" often gave me a big grin on my face for at least 10 minutes lol :P

Working in a place like that without colleagues around is just isn't complete. The stall where I worked at was in the Mesra Minimart in Petronas Oil Station. In and around that place itself, there's Sub18, Guardian & Giant Supermarket. I got to know a few nice people there and most of them aren't 1901 employees *because  there's only one 1901 other than me lol*. I can never forget them; Kak Azimah, Vivian, Najidah, Shahirah & Hasif. Based on what I experienced, all you gotta do first to get along with people there is just by initiating a "hello". Things can get pretty awkward, but it's better than saying nothing at all and making them think that you're just plain cocky.

Now, I have officially resigned. I got a more-than-satisfying amount of money as my salary for my first month of work and I'm very thankful till this moment. Frankly speaking, I can appreciate RM1 more than I could ever before! Alhamdulillah :) 1901 is indeed a good place to work at (referring also to the free meals we get everyday) and I'm glad that I was once an employee there :) Now I really do understand what every cent's worth :)

Btw, look down here :D These are the types of hotdogs we make at 1901. My favourite is Deutsch Doodle Dang :D

Yummy :D