Thursday, July 21, 2011

Behind The Scenes (Part Two): The Appeal & Preparations

Part TwoThe Appeal & Preparations

If I'm not mistaken, around 1 or 2 weeks after that, the results of the appeal was announced. Those who were initially kicked out can join the 2nd interview, based on two conditions. Firstly, you must pass a CGPA of 3.65. Secondly, you must pass an IELTS overall band of 6.5. Praise Allah, my results aren't denied and I can join the 2nd interview! That's the best news I heard after days of gloominess :)

I can freshly remember, the date of the 2nd interview was on the 22nd June 2011, which exactly fell on the same day as my 1901 supervisor's birthday. I had a few days to make preparations, plus minus eating, sleeping & working. I was excited & nervous at the same time.

I took a five hour bus trip all alone to Butterworth before I was brought to Sg Petani by my two lovely Granpa & Grandma-in-law. Thank you Tok Ami & Tok Mama :)

It was my second time going to their house. The first one was when I was 7 years old. I couldn't really remember how it looked like when I came there the other day. It's not surprising to recall that their house compound looked way bigger 10 years ago. That is called the law of relativity, isn't it Einstein? :)

I was given an air-conditioned room complete with a bathroom and a big mirror. That made my stay perfectly cozy :) After performing my Maghrib prayers, I decided to make a 12-rakaat solat hajat prayer. People say, if you do this, InsyaAllah, you'll get what you wish and aim for. I did it with all my heart and I know God knows how badly I want to ace the interview the next day and live my dreams.

Whenever I wanted to go online throughout my stay there, I had to go to the living room and use local connection. Well, that's better than nothing! :) I used my grandpa's laptop to surf the internet and search for as much info as I can to prepare myself for the next day. I searched for information regarding diseases, Malaysian & Irish culture and lots more. I went from discovering about the Celtic disease to why people kiss the Blarney stone! When I was finally satisfied with what I got, I closed the browser. I got really shocked when I noticed that the background was a galore of shamrocks. It represents Ireland. Crazy right? It's not even my own laptop! It gave me a good feeling somehow. Teehee! :P

I took out my clothes for the interview from my backpack and spread them out on the Sejadah rack. I just can't wait.