Friday, July 22, 2011

Behind The Scenes (Part Three): The Interview Day

Part ThreeThe Interview Day

After performing my subuh prayers, I continued my sleep. I was afraid I might get sleepy throughout the day haha. I woke up at 10, feeling fresh. I gathered with my Grandpa & Grandma at the kitchen and we had a hearty breakfast. Grandma made me eggs and baked beans. My favourite! :)

The breakfast was followed by my final preparations for the interview. I ironed my clothes and took my shower. I wore my black Ariani shawl that I wear everyday to class (haha), my favourite black skirt, my mum's grey blouse (I didn't have time to buy any for myself) and also my neighbour's black blazer (haha! I really don't have any blazers at home). I wore my black working shoes as well. What a combination *phew* :P I sat in front of the mirror reciting my points and making sure my speech goes on good. I packed my things up too, coz I have to catch a bus at 8.00 p.m on that very day. Before that, we planned to go to the airport to pick up my aunty-in-law. She was scheduled to arrive at 4.30 p.m. 

Lunch was superb. My grandma cooked sweet and sour chicken, which is also one of my favourites! I didn't tell her that I like sweet and sour chicken, but she cooked it for me. Ain't that a bonus *wink wink*. 

We left for the interview venue after Zohor. Before we left, I had the chance to stroll around the back of the house and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the serene village. I loved it. I have never went to a village for so long. It was perfect, the plants, the grass, the sky, the kodomo lizard (haiyakk!). It really calmed my mind :)

The journey took 15 minutes only, from Sg Petani to Kepala Batas. I waited at the lobby at Block C. Eventually I met Kak Ju, the Pre-Med coordinator and Encik Basir Elon, the college's registrar. I talked to them regarding a few things and waited for anything coming up next. 

Before the interview, my friends and I were required to gather at the lobby first, before we were directed to a small room to meet up with Encik Basir Elon for a short briefing. We were reminded of the do's and don'ts throughout the interview. DON'T mention about sensitive issues unless they're mentioned. My tip is, try to think really really really well before you answer. You will NOT want to say anything offensive. Think, think & think okay? :) And yes, how you dress up plays an important role. You will NOT want them to think that you're about to attend a wedding reception, okies? :)

According to the list, I was the 2nd candidate to be interviewed. Prior to the interview, we were also given a briefing on how the interview goes. The interview was via skype, so we were informed of the possible technical problems that might arise. There will be delays in speech basically. The interview will go on for only 15 minutes per person and 2 minutes for evaluation.

At 3.20 p.m, the moment of truth awaited me. I stepped into the room, maintaining a positive posture and thought. I sat down and was greeted by two professors from National University of Ireland Galway. They're Professor Antony Wheatley & Professor Gerard Loftus.

At the beginning of the interview, I was asked to introduce myself, as usual. Here is the list of questions that I was asked on:

  1. Tell me about yourself, your family & your perception towards life.
  2. How far away is your house from your college?
  3. With your appearance as a Muslim, do you think you will face any difficulties when studying abroad?
  4. Smoking is a crucial issue nowadays. What are its effects?
  5. What would you do to overcome this situation (smoking)?
  6. What do you know about Ireland?
  7. Do you know about the current issues about Ireland; the economical issues?
  8. Do you read the newspaper? What have you read about recently? Do you take a physical copy of it or read it online?
  9. Do you have any questions for us or is there anything you would like to add?
As far as I can remember, these were the questions I was asked on. I managed to answer them , though some of my answers were actually rather silly when I recall them :P I even told them that it would be a great loss if they don't take me as a student there! People do laugh when they hear me telling them this part of the interview lol :P

Before I knew it, the interview was already over. After picking up my aunty-in-law from the airport, I was sent to the bus station and I caught my bus to Kuala Lumpur. I arrived home safely that night. Alhamdulillah. All I had to do then was pray hard that Allah will give me the best :)