Friday, July 22, 2011

Behind The Scenes (Part Four): The Surprise Call

Part Four: The Surprise Call

Almost a month had passed and I actually began to become more and more redha about the results.  I already made an appeal, went to the interview and sent a thank you e-mail. I also prayed hard for it. Previously, I stubbornly pushed away the possibility that I might get into UKM because I wanted to go to Ireland friggin bad.

At 11.21 a.m, on the morning of 17th July 2011 *Happy Birthday Dear! (sempat jugak)*, I received an unexpected call. The call was from AUCMS. When I knew it was from AUCMS, you could imagine how crazy my heart was pumping blood. The woman who talked to me told me that I made it through the interview. She also informed me that I wouldn't have to come to the UKM interview on Tuesday and that I should wait for the offer letter. I'm thankful. Really thankful. I didn't expect the good news. I was already setting my mind towards UKM but Allah has given me this opportunity.

The reason why I'm writing all these is to share my journey into getting the placement. At Part One of my story, it seemed like there's not even a slight chance that I can get to study at my dream place. But Allah is the Al-mighty. He opened up doors from unexpected directions.

I hope with this miracle happening to me, I can become a much more better Muslim. I have learnt the power of redha, the power of perseverance, and the power of not giving up. InsyaAllah :)