Sunday, May 01, 2011

Dear Old Friend :)

Hamimi Halim ♥

See that pretty lady in the middle there? That's my best friend when I was in MRSM Lenggong during my lower secondary. She's a very very nice and adorable person with a true girl's voice (my voice can become a tad guy-ish sometimes *malu malu*) We used to play basketball together and I tell you, she's really good at it! I always wished I knew how to dribble as well as her and do lay ups (I always fail in doing lay ups. Haha). I couldn't afford to forget the times when I'd always go to her room and talk to her. I still remember her bed and her room (I don't exactly remember the number though). Ahh, memories :) We haven't met for over three years now and I wonder when we would be able to meet her again. Recently, we got in contact again with each other. She even mentioned me in one of her posts in her blog (click here). I miss you dearly :')