Friday, April 01, 2011

Reach High, Dream Deep

It has been exactly one month since I blogged in here. It has been quite some time I suppose. I wish I were a little bit more diligent when it comes to blogging (or should I not wish for that now that I should be studying instead of writing here?).

Many things had happened throughout the past one month. They are all basically many good things I suppose, except for the fact that I kind of had a glitch during my interview back on the 15th of march 2011. I sure hope that it wouldn't bring any sort of negative impact on the overall impression I made in front of the two interviewers *sigh*. I sobbed that night after the interview and the next day, I swarmed my friends with seemingly never ending questions to assure myself that it wasn't so bad. I'm feeling much better now, after countless self-assurance efforts. Probably feeling at my best. The key is to not think too much about it :)

I'm on my way of finishing a very good novel I'm reading; I guess you might have probably heard of "Eat, Pray, Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert? I like her; I mean the author, of course. She has this diverse way of expressing her personal encounters, not to mention that they are truly interesting. I seem to feel like the author of the book is somehow exactly like me. She is in search of her own self. She wants to learn how to balance her spirituality and her love for the immediate life. She travels. She had a divorce (I had a break up). She feels like she's lack of something. How can I not sound exactly the same like her, well, as far as I believe. I can't wait to dive into the upcoming pages (I have to steal some time here and there; with all the homework I have to manage and revisions to do, I assume it's going to be tough finishing this book in just one week). Still, I'm satisfied to get a grip of this book. Thanks Nabihah :)

Cork. That's one definite dream place for me, which is of course, simply, just one final examination and one english proficiency test away. Yikes. The pre-med students had a meeting with Dato Zainuddin Wazir, our CEO, our college president, and I couldn't help but notice how much he tried to emphasis on English. He mentioned that the Irish interviewers were very satisfied with our academic achievements but they expected more on our communication skills. I wonder how well I did. Besides the glitch I mentioned, I can't help thinking of the fact that I sat on the interview chair swaying side to side minutely. Hehh. At random times, I keep praying that Allah would hijab my mistakes during the interview and just let me in. Hee.

Ouh well, I guess I'm going to blog walk now, after leaving this blog yielding dust for 1 month. I miss blogging. I really do, and I'm happy I that I managed to write this post! Teehee! :P Till then, bye bye :)