Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pashmina Tutorial (Hana Tajima Inspired)

Hi there :D I just got back from college when I decided to make this tutorial *I'm so excited!* Some of my friends requested me to do it, and so I did. This is my first ever Youtube video and I hope I didn't screw up :D I'm currently addicted to Katy Perry's "ET" so I took some catchy parts of the song and put them in my video *Hopefully it's not violating any rights or anything* So here it is. Idk if this style is very common nowadays, but yea, still, it doesn't hurt to make a video on this, right? :) Btw, I'm sorry if I blabbered too much or made many grammatical errors *dedicated to grammar nazis (one of my friends uses this term)* Anyways, hope you like the video and most of all, hope you benefit from it! :D