Monday, April 04, 2011

Out of This World

While others are busy with Ben Ashaari and Anatomy, I'm right in front of my laptop typing out my worries, my concerns, my feelings. This feeling sucks. One minute I'm as happy as a dog being thrown a slab of meat in front of em, and the next thing I know, I'm more like a woman who just lost her twelve children and her husband in a car crash. It seems like it's never going to end. This week will be another challenging week, as to the weeks before. Many things are in my mind. Okay, I'm going to list them out one by one here. Hope this would help me.

Aitte, the things I have to do:

1. Study respiratory system tonight
2. Edit & upload pictures
3. Post my friend's birthday gift
4. Buy topup for my sister
5. Fill in IELTS form and check bank account
6. Pay RM50 to tin
7. Finish up physics
8. Update blog
9. Finish one essay
10. Do some reading & self learning

No wonder my mind's in a total mess. I think about all these things at random sequences; at random times. I have up till 11.30 tomorrow to settle no 1 till 6. I can proceed with no 7 till 10 at night. It's going to be a big day. I hope I could get some sleep. Ouh my T__T