Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Are You Single?

First and foremost, Salam Maulidur Rasul to my muslim friends. Hee. What you'd be reading in this post would be a heck of an irony when compared to the significance of this day. I know it's weird for me to be reading this Feng Shui-related article, but it's quite an interesting one, coz I'm single and it seems to be taking my side bhaha :P My friend was the one who encouraged me to write about this, haha. If you're not single and you believe in Feng Shui, you might not like this piece of article :P

The woman in the picture (Jessie Lee; Yap Global Consulting Group consultant) mentioned that in each zodiac animal, a little "peach blossom star" (a star that governs relationship from the astrology standpoint *heck I don't know what this means*) is regarded a good thing. One peach blossom star means you are an attractive person. *Okay I think I'm getting it :D* AND, that peach blossom star rests in the southwest this year. *Now it has a position? :O*

For Singles:
Place water elements at the southwest quadrants of your homes. (e.g: Aquarium). It brings luck in your love life this year :P

For Couples:
Wooooaa. Don't do anything. Keep all the water away from the southwest quadrants of ye homies.
*I wish that I can give him a tank of water, if you understand what I mean. Hahaha :D*

If you're a Rat:
Practice tolerence.

If you're an Ox:
Romance is highlighted in a special way this year (?) *What the heck does this mean?*

If you're a Tiger:
Say hurrah ye unmarried people! It's time for some love! Haba haba :D But for those married couples, make sure you have solid understanding between each other.

If you're a rabbit:
The relationship will move fast choo choo! Those in relationships will find their relationship turning more serious :O

If you're a snake:
You're doomed to have frequent arguments :O

If you're a horse:
Love is blooming for you :)

If you're a goat:
You're prone to meet someone of the opposite sex if you're single. If you're not single, you might be facing a third-party relationship. *So this whole article is kinda about the goat heh?*

If' you're a monkey (That's me!):
You'd have problems with your spouses. Pulak? How about us single people? O__o

If you're a pig:
You're a lil bit at the loser side this year :|

Technically, you're not actually the animal. That's your zodiac animal :) I'm saying all these like I'm actually promoting the idea of asking you people to actually believe all these. Well, I'm not. This Feng Shui prediction is really something to read about. I know that those who believe in this would take it seriously and I dare not play around with that. I don't intend to be a racist. I wrote about this coz it's simply a catchy article :)