Thursday, February 24, 2011


Hey folks :) Hee, I haven't been updating my blog for ages. The Internet's crappy slow here, so I'm not in favour of going intensely online :( I just did some blogwalking just now, after soooo long. Gosh, there are millions of blogs yet to be discovered, and out of that, there's a number of friggin hardworking bloggers who keep their blog active 24/7! I'm far away from that, but I don't mind. I just love reading their blogs and posting some things in here if I feel like to :) 

Btw, I just got my Semester 2 results. It's on the average side, if I compare it to others. Alhamdulillah, there's quite an increment, not that much though, but just nice :) I wasn't that contented at first, but maybe it just wasn't meant to be this time. My mum was happy, so I guess I could be happy too. Praise Allah :)

Currently, the lessons here are getting tougher and tougher. There's a damn lot of things to be memorized, especially for anatomy *we need to do a lot of drawing and colouring too* Thinking of how tough the study is now, I really respect those people who have succeeded in their studies and come out as great competent people. They must really benefit their 1440 minutes in a day :)

I wish I have the burning desire to write more, but I know the laziness in me has already resided. I drew up a picture, just for fun. Haha. Motiveless. Idk bla bla bla, what am I writing? Haihh. Okay. Bye :D *This post is random, isn't it?*

Heh. Amature right? :P

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

All Work & No Play

Up to this very point, my mind seems restless and unorganized. There are too many things I have to figure out with in a short time and so many dilemmas to handle with. The med school admission interview will most probably be held on the 14th of March and I realize that I have less than a month left to prepare. I haven't started with my personal statement essay which is due in approximately 2-3 weeks time. I'm planning to engage in a few activities to help me add more ideas to my essay, but still, I need confirmation. There are a few other things I wish I could take control over, and I have tried, but the decision does not depend on me alone. I have to wait for the other party's approval AND I have to refer to the timing and budget to enable further execution of my plans. Hmm. I hope I'd get these all settled very well. I'm so worried! :|

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Are You Single?

First and foremost, Salam Maulidur Rasul to my muslim friends. Hee. What you'd be reading in this post would be a heck of an irony when compared to the significance of this day. I know it's weird for me to be reading this Feng Shui-related article, but it's quite an interesting one, coz I'm single and it seems to be taking my side bhaha :P My friend was the one who encouraged me to write about this, haha. If you're not single and you believe in Feng Shui, you might not like this piece of article :P

The woman in the picture (Jessie Lee; Yap Global Consulting Group consultant) mentioned that in each zodiac animal, a little "peach blossom star" (a star that governs relationship from the astrology standpoint *heck I don't know what this means*) is regarded a good thing. One peach blossom star means you are an attractive person. *Okay I think I'm getting it :D* AND, that peach blossom star rests in the southwest this year. *Now it has a position? :O*

For Singles:
Place water elements at the southwest quadrants of your homes. (e.g: Aquarium). It brings luck in your love life this year :P

For Couples:
Wooooaa. Don't do anything. Keep all the water away from the southwest quadrants of ye homies.
*I wish that I can give him a tank of water, if you understand what I mean. Hahaha :D*

If you're a Rat:
Practice tolerence.

If you're an Ox:
Romance is highlighted in a special way this year (?) *What the heck does this mean?*

If you're a Tiger:
Say hurrah ye unmarried people! It's time for some love! Haba haba :D But for those married couples, make sure you have solid understanding between each other.

If you're a rabbit:
The relationship will move fast choo choo! Those in relationships will find their relationship turning more serious :O

If you're a snake:
You're doomed to have frequent arguments :O

If you're a horse:
Love is blooming for you :)

If you're a goat:
You're prone to meet someone of the opposite sex if you're single. If you're not single, you might be facing a third-party relationship. *So this whole article is kinda about the goat heh?*

If' you're a monkey (That's me!):
You'd have problems with your spouses. Pulak? How about us single people? O__o

If you're a pig:
You're a lil bit at the loser side this year :|

Technically, you're not actually the animal. That's your zodiac animal :) I'm saying all these like I'm actually promoting the idea of asking you people to actually believe all these. Well, I'm not. This Feng Shui prediction is really something to read about. I know that those who believe in this would take it seriously and I dare not play around with that. I don't intend to be a racist. I wrote about this coz it's simply a catchy article :) 

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Hurray For Holiday!

Hey people! Ouh, it sure feels good to get back to this blog. One thing for sure, I know that it has been quite some time since I blogged in here :) There's this sense of laziness lingering within me whenever I decide to update my blog. So all I did was just blog in my head. Kudos for my laziness :P

Ouh yes, since the past one week, I have been having my holidays. It's my semester break and Chinese New Year break compiled in one. It's just a typical one but I must say, it's somehow, very meaningful to me. I don't actually remember what activities I started off with, so I'm just going to blog about them randomly :) 

Before I went back for my holidays, I made a to-do-list in my handphone so I'd be able to keep in track the necessary things that should be doing.

1# Mummy's Fluffy Pancakes

What? Pancakes? Is that as a whole, the first thanggg in your to-do-list, missy? Ahaha :P Well, nope :) I just love pancakes and ever since I learnt the recipe from my mummy, I actually became obsessed with making them. This is the recipe and I just felt like making it fancier :D Haha

Specifically, my mum uses the Buttercup butter and the Blue-Key self-raising flour. You don't need pancake flour for this :) I love having my pancakes with maple syrup. They just taste awesome! ♥

I just caught Amanda having her pouted lips all over the maple syrup bottle nozzle. Hahaha one cute gross act, I tell you :P

2# Sirloin Steak and Hot Salad

Yummy! It's sort of a tradition here in my little family to have a steak feast every time we get the chance to gather :) I have this intense passion (?) towards steak and I often can't resist the thought of it :P Hot salad's an idea from my mum where instead of having all the veges in the plate raw, she heats the capsicum with direct flame. Yes, the outside part gets burnt but the flesh is indeed juicy and tasty. The capsicum is then mixed with broccoli, tomatoes and a few other types of boiled veges. She then pours over them some sauteed onions, which adds to the aroma and flavour :)

3# Molten Lava Cake

Hee :D This is the funny bit :P The other day, my mum decided to make this "Molten Lava Cake". It's described as a chocolate cake; firm outside, gooey in the inside. Here's a picture of it. Courtesy of Yahoo! :D

We were all excited to prepare the batter and guess what, the batter tasted gooooooooood :D My sisters and I could actually just eat the batter just like that. Heating is not required :D We kept on hoping that we'd get the texture we wanted but unfortunately, our "lava" was at the BOTTOM of the volcano. Bhaha :P Despite that, still, it tasted great alright! :P

4# The Green Hornet

Yeaaauppp. It's the movie :D I did express how satisfied I was with the movie in Facebook and by the responses, I'm pretty sure many who already watched it enjoyed it very much too :D Before the movie, my sister asked me, "What's a hornet?" I made a wise face and replied, "It's horny." Now that sounds very stupid :P

Can Jay Chou be any more cuter? :DDD

That's my sister Alin on your left handside :D

And that's my girl Nell on your right handside :D

These are my babies, Nazzie and Nell :D

Ouh the picture's all blurry :O

Spot the difference :)

Same old, same old ♥

I have a few more pictures I'd love to upload but I got some things to do. Overall, I just love my holiday because I got to spend quality time with my family :DDD Yeay! ♥

So Danggg True! :)

"If a guy really likes you, he would do whatever it takes to be yours. You see, there are two kinds of "being interested". One is, when a guy likes you but has his heart open to other girls. This is the kind that isn't so serious about being serious. The other kind of "being interested" is the kind that I want a guy to be interested in you. This is the kind whose eyes are set on you, and only you. No other girls. The one that sends you those long text messages on how much he means to you, gives you goodmorning and goodnight calls telling you to have a good day and to have sweet dreams. If a guy really wants to you to be his, he wouldn't be ashamed to introduce you his friends and even better, his family. I would want you to have a guy that when he looks into my daughter's eyes, he feels like he doesn't belong anywhere else but your heart."