Monday, January 24, 2011

Beauty Of Life

 I'm finally able to believe that I should just leave it to Allah to decide. I don't know why, all of a sudden, there's this tiny spark in me, starting to ignite. Beginning from right just now. I don't know why I felt like I had the most meaningful heart to heart talk with a friend of mine just now. It feels like I'm back on my feet again.

I'm sure I will always remember the last message you gave me the yesterday. You mentioned, "Be somebody kay." I will. I will make that come true, insyaAllah :) I think I can begin to see the other side of this break up. To me, for myself, it's an initiation of my maturity. I realize I have lots of things to learn from life and there are many more things to life.

"What would I want to tell my grandchildren about my life someday? Will want all my stories be revolving just around a guy? Or will I want my stories having a diversity; filled with adventure and memories with my family and friends? Will I want to spend 60 years left of my life just for a guy? Or will I want to spend those 60 years improving my qualities and making the world a better place? Will I want to let myself love a guy while I'm still unable to love my own self? Will I waste my life dwelling in the past while I know that we would never be sure of the good things that might turn out in the future? Will I accept a guy who can't accept me the way I am? Even if I already have a guy with me, will I ever know if he's going to be mine forever? Will I?"

You know, anything can happen anytime. We'll never be sure of anything that the future holds. If things seem bad now, it might be good later and vice versa. I'm always going to keep that in mind. That's the beauty of life:)