Friday, January 07, 2011

Raise Your Metabolism!

I have been having quite a heavy fever for two days already & it's really the least I expect right now, especially when exam's in two weeks time! I'm freaking out coz it's very hard to concentrate with all that vigorous activity in my nose canal. Wuwuwu. The only thing that makes me feel a little bit okay by the thought of having fever is the thought that they say Allah will forgive our sins when we fall sick. Hehehhh. That's thinking on the positive side :P

Two of my friends suddenly called me up randomly today & my girls were very concerned too. Those things actually helped me of raise up my spirit (& fastened the healing of my health!). Yeay wee to them! :) Now I hope that bad little kumans will go shoo-shoo away from me as soon as possible. Don't come back just yet. It's not the right time :(

Hahh, okay okay, enough dengan cerita orang sakit. This is the real story, satu paragraph je. Haha. Tadi I read Yahoo! News. There's this article on how to boost metabolism. Interesting for a fatty-fatty bom bom like me. Hehe. Well, sungguh tak sangka that eating fatty food in the morning & drinking cold water a lot can boost metabolism. Tak yah diet pagi2. Makan je berlambak-lambak, eat like a king! Caffeine comsumption plak memang tak dinafikan boleh meningkatkan metabolism. Baru terjumpa dalam notes biology tadi. Hehe. Tapi make sure jangan minum before tidur sudah! Tak pasal2 insomnia plak kan. Ouh yeahh, taking intervals between high-impact cardio exercises pun boleh meningkatkan metabolism! Jadi kalau jogging, janganlah jogging terus-menerus. Better berselang-seli :) Minum green tea pun sangat elok (untuk orang selesema pun bagus :D)

Mak aihh, sedapnya T____T Mummy nak balik umahhhhh! Wuwuwuwuuu

Okay, kenapa perlu increase metabolism? It's good if u wanna burn fat fast, that's the simplest reason for this in my eyes :D Alritey, I'm planning to study right after this and I sure hope I can manage it. Takmaulah menghadap buku lima minit je pastu tumbang kan. Adodoiii. Oklah. Seperti biasa, I dunno how to end my post. Hee. Haihh merepek je laa minah ni. Daa~ :P