Monday, January 03, 2011

A Blogger's Noobness :D

Assalamualaikum & Hello :)

Hee. I have been waiting to get into the mood of writing a new post in this blog. I have been crazy enjoying myself reading and dropping by other peoples blogs and I wish I had their semangat of updating their blogs frequently. Banyak cerita nak sumbatkan, tapi malaih punya pasal, memang camtu camtu la kan.

It has already been 3 days since the new year began and I have been wayyyy excited ever since. Resolutions banyak lah kan konon :D Tampal resolutions kat belakang jam so that konon-konon everytime before tidur akan tgk :D Kihkih. Excited, excited.

So far, I'm getting on well with my plans. Hurrayyy. I hope this would continue though! :) Can't wait to see the results. Hehe. I'm definitely turning into a much happier girl ♥.

Okay, rupa macam banyak nak cerita (memang banyak pun tapi tak tahu nak susun mana satu dulu mana satu kemudian). Teehee. Takpelah, sumbat-sumbat jelah mana-mana sempat kan :)

Ever since I started to know more about blogging, I started knowing what "blogwalking" means and how u get people to drop by ur blog. I also learnt how Nuffnang works and it's very interesting :) Noob gila kot pasal mende2 ni. Padahal account blogger ni dah lebih setahun dah, tapi tak pernah nak amik pusing. Hahahh.

Adding the shoutbox was my biggest emotional challenge. Cehh. I just started trying out blogwalking and I was actually kinda scared. I'm scared that nobody would ever try to check out my blog. But heck, why should I kan? I might as well just take the chance. Like nobody would probably be that mean to laugh at a newbie like me *or would you?* XDD Well I'm sure that many bloggers feel this way too the first time they start something new ;)

And there it goes, I would keenly check my blogger for any new updates for any new comments, new links at my chatbox & the best thing of all, new followers. I'm blessed to say that along the way, I virtually met a few bloggers who are quite popular but very kind indeed. I came to know a few active bloggers like Kak Ieda (she's very nice, do visit her blog) and the Hijabis (well, I just know them, but I never got a chance to talk to them or whatsoever). Also not forgetting my friends who literally brought my blog into life like Iylni, Hannah, Saiyi & Nuyuk. You girls rawk~! :D

Now I wonder who else would write an entire post about his or her noobness in blogging XD One of them is surely me! :P

If you have read my previous posts, you might have noticed that I just went through a painful break up. I wrote long posts expressing my journey after my break up and to my surprise, there were quite a number of people (who I never personally knew) commenting on my posts. They were so supportive and I'm thankful with their efforts. There's this one comment that got me pretty amazed because of two things. 1# The commenter wrote a comment which was one page long 2# The commenter's anonymous!. I'm shocked that somebody would be that nice to help others. You can view the comment here.

Last but not least, before I post this, I want to express myself regarding my addiction towards editing my blog. Padahal tak pandai pun, tapi suka sangat! :D I loveeee changing my banner, editing things here and there and I can sit for hours just editing my blog padahal hasil cam lebih kurang sama je! I don't really know why, but it's weird, don't u think? :D

Alritey then. I made a deal to myself. I haveeeee to study after I post this one. And it's already time! Thanks for dropping by; well if somebody happens to drop by, of course. Ehehee XD