Friday, December 10, 2010

Nell & Cat

It has been quite some time since I went on a bike ride with any of my friends. There are only Nell & I in this very house coz the others went back home. We got hungry so we packed up the last remains of our energy and sped of to RZ Klasik. RZ's a local favourite here, serving all sorts of different dishes. I didn't know why I was so hungry though I already wiped clean a quarter of a bottle of peanut butter and jelly :P

As usual, I ordered kuey teow kung fu (hiyaaaaak!) and some french fries. Skyjuice as my thirst quencher. It was weird that I eventually got less and less hungry and by the time the food arrived, I felt kinda reluctant to eat. Makan angin masa tengah naik basikal kot. Haha.

Then something reaaaaaally shocking happened, my glass of skyjuice tripped over and there there was, skyjuice all over me -______- My poor pendrive was also the victim. I could only wish it was okay. My pink singlet and black pants were wet as hell. I just laughed the scene off. *cover malu cover malu*

As I expected, I wasn't able to finish up my food and I just asked for it to be TAPAU-ED. ada pulak such thing? hehehh.

After that I went on the bike again with Nell and along the way, we decided to bike around PV. It was kinda fun coz we rarely go biking. While biking, we spotted some scruffy animals doing toot toot. But we KINDA interrupted them. Heheheheh.

We went for another round and found a cute lil kitty at the side of the road. I picked it up and put it in the bicycle basket and rode off. It stayed still, to my surprise. I can't help thinking of how cute it was *awwwwhhhhh* :P

Talking about cute creatures like that really really makes me wanna have a pet. I wish to get a guinea pig and I'm going to name it MICHAEL SCOFIELD ♥