Friday, December 10, 2010


It feels like I did a big sin. I have been online for quite some time here. I'm OBSESSED with editing stuff on blogger. Haiyohhh. I tried to design the banner of my blog (in which I loved doing ever since I knew how). Turns out, I was pretty satisfied myself. I tried to make a design that has that Gossip Girl essence. Teehee :D

I really wasted my time here and I need something to make me retreat hehehehh. Ouh yeah, I wanted to find this song called In For The Kill by La Raux for this very blog but all I could find are just remixes of it. *Sigh*

I gtg. It's already asar and I'd better be doing something else. Wuwuwuwuu. I got Chemistry to catch up with and guess what, I'm SO DEAD now X____X

Till then, buh-bye :)