Thursday, November 18, 2010

Yours Humbly

Life has been way rocky for me and I'm having a hard time figuring out how to exactly break out from the shell of confusion. Haihh.

It has been long since I blogged in here. *I don't think people even notice*. Hehe, nevermind :P

Like I said, my life had been quite tough recently. Facing conflicts with someone I truly care about, handling an average grade, dealing with weight problems. What more can you ask for? To this part, I get blank often. I always think of my next move but I don't know why it seems so hard for me to get on with my plans.

To get me inspired, I flip through profiles and blogs of "It-girls". I always wonder how they began. Well, somewhere inside here, I wish to be like one of them someday. Having beauty, brains and brawns. Maybe like Fatin Liyana perhaps. She's so perfect. Now I sound like a 12 year-old-girl squealing upon hearing Hannah Montana's name. Haha, Anyways, wouldn't that be wonderful :')