Monday, September 13, 2010

Being Beautiful

beauty means a lot to women who care. i do too.

like most women i know, they aren't confident of their beauty. and so am i. sometimes, well perhaps always, i observe them. they look so stunning to me and i dun see any flaws within them. but still, they complain. some already have fair skin, yet they complain about their skin. some already have hair that i would die to flaunt, but they can't get enough of finding ways to make thieir hair even prettier. some just don't need to undergo those stupid treatments to make them slim, but they think they do coz they think they are as fat as hippos. these are examples.

i myself never believed that i was beautiful. i guess i can't use the word never coz there are times that i believed i was and those times are when people tell me i was. i haf so many insecurities when the topic of beauty sets in. i dun like the shape of my jaw, i dun like my birthmark, to name a few. because of those, i feel so different and i feel so ugly.

just now somehow i got so depressed thinking of this. it had me pinned to my chair and staring into space. then my fingers then ran towards the keyboard. i typed in "how to become beautiful". e-how & wikihow showed some results for my search. i clicked on them and browsed through the articles.

and from all the articles i read, i can sum up that CONFIDENCE is indeed the key to becoming beautiful. people keep telling me this too. well, i have thought about it. if i don't have the money or the yada yada needed go through surgeries or treatments to make myself beautiful, then all i have is my will to make me confident that i am beautiful. maybe there are some other alternatives that i can take to grow more beautiful without taking up much cost. and to grow beautiful inside is the best.

there are just so many things we don't realise..