Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Nicole Kidman?

at around 3 p.m. just now, i was extremely tired and moodless. i slept kinda late and woke up several times before i really wanted to wake up. it wasn't such a comfortable morning. well, it was actually normal for me to deal with mornings like this, but i made a mistake for forcing my eyes to open up till 2 a.m. just to edit this blog. huhh -.-

i snoozed off for three hours straight. i began dreaming. ouh yeahhh. it's rare for me to remember any of my dreams but i'm lucky today. i didn't know how it began, but i could recall a scene happening in an old school (well, it didn't really look like a school. it looked more like one of the universities in UK, but the ones studying there we're elementary school children, which gave me an assumption that it might actually just be a school.).

as far as i could remember, the dream was about a quest which mainly involved two english boys at around the age of 12. the antagonist of the "story" was nicole kidman. it was really weird having her appear in my dream. i believe i didn't even watch her playing any movies recently. haha.

okay, to cut it short, my dream of this whole story began with a scene at one the highest floors in the school. the floor was dark and there were so many doors. the floor looked really ancient, except for the fact that it had two modern looking elevators. i could remember the two brave boys trying to search for a key that had been lost or purposely hidden a very very very long time ago. the key was to be used to open a very big door in the school compound. according to what i can conclude from the dream, all the people in the school will remain trapped unless the key was found. so, if the door could be opened, everyone in it will enjoy freedom. i guess this has something to do with magic or else they wouldn't manage to survive for over a week without getting out, right? -.-"

the one behind the evil madness was nicole kidman. haha, pity her. but it was just a dream, so i could not change anything :P it was crazy to "see" the two boys running against time before their mission gets interrupted. it was extremely mind-boggling for them to search for the key. the moment they found the key, nicole kidman sensed that they were up to something. there was like a cat and dog chase. nicole kidman ran in her high heels trying to catch the two boys and steal away the key, but the boys were far too fast.

the boys ran swiftly down the stairs while nicole kidman used the elevator. surprisingly, the boys were way too fast. haha. the boys managed to get to the door before nicole kidman did and succeeded in opening the door with the key. okay, fine2, well, i must say that it actually didn't really seem like such a great story, the dream seemed so real that i really truly felt as if experienced rapid rushes of adrenaline through out the dream. weird huh?