Tuesday, June 01, 2010


my blog is finally born. yippee! haha. emm. i was an avid blogger once ago, before i stopped actively blogging for some reasons. i do own another blog, which already reached quite a large number of posts but it's strictly private. it's decided that it will continue to remain private. hee. after making some considerations, i assume that it would be a great idea to start blogging again. writing down with pen on paper wouldn't be that convenient anymore i suppose.

with Allah's will, i will be recording the journey through my life in this very blog. i'll make this blog as a medium of expressing my feelings, learning more about myself, capturing memories and even sharing interesting topics. i realise that i often get extremely enthusiastic only at the first stage of doing practically anything. haha.

last but not least, i would highly appreciate it if u choose to follow my blog, leave comments and correct me if i'm wrong. after all, why did i even make it as a public blog in the first place? :P